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This e-book is designed to teach guitar players and even other instrumentalists 100 new and original rock, country, blues, funk, melodic, and outside guitar licks using tablature, sheet music, and audio files. Readers and students will also learn tools to help with improvisation and phrasing so that they can create better music.


Included with this product:

-100 original guitar licks in the genres of rock, country, funk, blues, melodic, and outside (fusion). 

-Tablature and sheet music for each lick

-700 audio files (lick+backing track, backing track, lick only, slowed down versions of lick+backing track, slowed down versions of backing track).

-Music theory, tips, and explanations so you can understand what you are playing an how to apply these ideas to your own licks. 

-hours of fun and guaranteed improvement to your playing! 


If you would like a physical copy of this book instead of an e-book, please purshase on Amazon. 

100 Guitar Licks: Intermediate to Advanced (e-book)

  • This is a digital download e-book. This is not a physical printed book. If you are interested in a physical copy of the book, please purchase my book on Amazon. 

    When you purchase you will gain access to a downloadable zip file which contains the e-book in PDF format and all audio files.

Not ready to spend money on something you are still unsure of? I get it. Try learning some free licks before you purchase the entire book!
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